Russian schoolchildren were able to take part in the International Biology Olympiad and won four medals there. However, a number of countries were against the arrival of the Russians. Details about this story were told to by the head coach of the Russian team, professor of biology at Moscow State University. Lomonosov Alexander Rubtsov.

Schoolchildren from Russia participated remotely in the Olympiads in mathematics and physics. At the Olympiad in Biology, we managed to achieve full-time participation. The head coach said that he had to “butt” with the organizers for three months. Other participating countries also provided assistance, which considered that it was impossible not to let schoolchildren from Russia. to perform only under the flag of the International Biological Olympiad and not to demonstrate the Russian flag anywhere on the stage and in other public places. We agreed», — he said.

Rubtsov added that a friendly atmosphere reigned at the Olympiad, thanks in part to the host side — Yerevan University.

“All the delegations, with whom we communicated, with the exception of two or three countries, which I will not name, treated us as friendly as possible. Someone even came up later and apologized with the words that, they say, they have nothing personal in relation to us and the guys, it's all about politics, », — he added.

Full text of Alexander Rubtsov's interview with Arguments and Facts; read after midnight on our website

Recall that Russian schoolchildren won four gold medals at the Biology Olympiad. At the same time, Yakov Korobitsyn became the absolute winner.

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