“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 22. Science tortures boys and girls too 06/01/2022

They write that the French were urged not to go into the forest  — Aggressive drunken deer hang around there. Does this also happen in our forests?

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French experts believe that the deer were “cut down” buds on the branches they feed on. The sugar from the kidneys fermented in their stomachs and began to excrete alcohol. "Rather they were affected not by the kidneys, but berries — says biologist Svyatoslav Zabelin.   Deer can get drunk in Russia, too, but this happens rarely, because it depends on the presence of a large number of drunk berries“in the forest, which happens far from every year». By the way, not only deer get drunk in the wild. Squirrels, for example, specifically look for fruits that rot in the sun, and drink their fermented juice. A & nbsp; gorillas living in & nbsp; the mountainous regions of Rwanda, "kiryat" with the help of local bamboo, in the juice of which there is alcohol.

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