Russians may face new methods of deception from telephone scammers, RIAMO reports with reference to experts.

According to the director of the Anti-Phishing company; Sergei Voldokhin, in recent years, attackers use the plots of the current information agenda in their schemes and offer potential victims to transfer money to a “safe” account. account in order to save them from losing them due to anti-Russian sanctions or disconnecting a credit institution from the SWIFT system.

According to Kirill Reznik, a member of the Russian Bar Association,  criminals began to make calls via instant messengers, using an imitation of a robot assistant that warns citizens about attempts at suspicious transactions on their accounts and switches them to a false bank employee in order to obtain their bank card data.

According to the director of the counteraction center fraud of the company «Informzashchita» Pavla Kovalenko, scammers can replace their numbers  with the numbers of real state institutions. 

Vishing — voice phishing. Criminals send emails stylized as correspondence from banks or government agencies, indicate a phone number in them and report the need to urgently call it. In the event of a call to the specified number, the potential victim will try to get transfer money to the specified details or install software for remote control of the phone.

Earlier, Olga Daineko, an expert at the Financial Literacy Center of the NIFI of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation  that attackers began to collect data from Russians under the guise of opinion polls and consumer research.

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