A spetsnaz veteran saw a Ukrainian trace in the Tiraspol terrorist attacks

A series of terrorist attacks that took place in the last hours in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is beneficial to Kyiv, which seeks to expand the conflict zone and divert Moscow’s forces from a special military operation in the Donbass. This is the opinion of special forces veteran Sergey Kozlov.

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In Transnistria, a building was shelled from a grenade launcher in a day Ministry of State Security and blown up two radio towers broadcasting Russian programs.

After that, the local authorities decided to set up roadblocks at the entrance to the republic, where vehicles will be inspected. The security forces have been transferred to an enhanced mode of service. In turn, the co-chair of the Joint Control Commission said that the peacekeeping forces in Pridnestrovie fully control the situation in the security zone.

It is believed that the armed formations of the republic number 7-8 thousand people. The Operational Group of Russian troops in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova is deployed on the territory of the republic. It consists of less than a thousand people. Due to problems with the rotation of personnel in connection with Ukraine's ban on the movement of Russian military peacekeeping units in Pridnestrovie through its territory, they are mainly staffed by citizens of the Pridnestrovian Republic who have Russian citizenship.

The main task of the peacekeeping contingent is to protect the largest ammunition arsenal in Europe, located on the territory of the republic, left over from Soviet times. It is believed that from 19 thousand tons to 21.5 thousand tons of shells, air bombs, mines, grenades, and cartridges remain at the arsenal in Kolbasnaya. Most of the ammunition is expired and cannot be transported.

Pridnestrovie has been a headache for the Chisinau authorities for a long time. But today is clearly not the best time to solve the Transnistrian problem. Russia is conducting a special military operation in Ukraine, and it is unlikely that under these conditions, the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, will decide on any sharp military movements.

On the other hand, as military expert Sergei Kozlov told MK, Ukraine, which borders on Transnistria, would benefit from escalating the situation here in order to divert Russian forces. At the same time, he believes, it is no coincidence that a series of terrorist attacks in Transnistria coincided with the recent visit to Kyiv by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

“It all looks very much like a planned action,” said special forces veteran Sergei Kozlov. – It is obvious that Kyiv is trying to draw Transnistria into the conflict in order to expand the combat zone and divert Russian forces to new targets.

If it starts to flare up there, then we will have to go there somehow, land. By and large, this can be done in order to pull some Russian forces to this direction in order to weaken our efforts to destroy the Donbass grouping of the Ukrainian armed forces. The logic can be this.

– If the authorities of Moldova and Romania supporting them really wanted an escalation of hostilities in the territory of Transnistria, they would have invaded this territory without any prelude. But they did not enter.

But for Ukraine, the aggravation of the situation is clearly beneficial. Hence the attempt to shake up the situation with some kind of sabotage, cause tension, divert Russian forces to make it easier for the armed forces of Ukraine.

As for terrorist methods, the Kyiv special services have long become adept in this area and have vast experience. Their instructors are very experienced – from the USA, Great Britain and other NATO countries.

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