Americans are very interested in local military depots

Transnistria has become restless. The region clearly wants to “shake”. On Monday evening, several explosions, allegedly from hand grenade launchers, rocked the building of the Ministry of State Security in Tiraspol. On the morning of April 26, two towers relaying the signals of Russian radio stations were blown up on the territory of the Pridnestrovian radio and television center. The Security Council of Transnistria confirmed the terrorist act in the military unit near the village of Parkany.

Photo: Global Look Press

The “red level” is introduced into the PMR; terrorist threat. Preparations are underway for a possible evacuation, organizing the reception of victims, creating structures for emergency psychological assistance and protecting property left unattended. Schools after the attacks are transferred to “remote”. School final exams are cancelled. Also, there will be no parade and procession of the “Immortal Regiment” in Tiraspol; in honor of May 9.

About who is behind the aggravation of the situation in Transnistria, and what events should be expected in the region in the near future, “MK” spoke with political scientist Sergei Markov.

– Romania is behind everything. Romania has prepared an army for the invasion, it is partially introduced into the territory of Moldova. Part of the Romanian military is dressed in the uniform of the Moldovan troops. After all, Romania has long wanted to carry out the Anschluss of Moldova, and now President Sandu and most of the Moldovan government are citizens and agents of Romania.

– Firstly, the majority of Moldovan citizens used to be against the invasion, but in the current situation, no one will ask them. Secondly, the European Union was against the seizure of Moldova, but now it has lost the right to vote and is completely bending under the Americans. Thirdly, Russia could use the Armed Forces in response. Previously, they were afraid of a strong Russian military response, but now Russia will not be able to quickly break through to Transnistria, because it still needs to be reached, and the Ukrainian army and many defensive structures stand in the way.

– Russia is already doing everything it can.

The army of Transnistria is ready to fight, but the attack will come from two sides. The Ukrainian army is also going to strike and, together with the Romanians, cut the territory of Transnistria. A blitzkrieg is being prepared to accomplish this in a few days. Kyiv, no doubt, will participate in these actions and is ready for it. With regard to Ukraine, Russia again will not do more than what it is doing now.

In Kyiv, in turn, they plan to exchange Pridnestrovian Russian peacekeepers for Azov militants; (recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and banned) in Mariupol. It may well be, but it would be a monstrous mistake. After all, Ukraine wants their national battalions not to surrender, but to leave Azovstal. with weapons in hand. They will make heroes out of them, and this will become an example: “Fight to the end, and we will save you.”

– The invasion of Transnistria can happen today. Everything is already prepared. The United States is interested in seizing Transnistria.

The warehouses in the village of Kolbasna are very important for the Americans. There is a huge arsenal of Soviet weapons there, and the Americans want to supply Ukraine with Soviet weapons, with which they are trained to defend themselves. Given the loss of a very large warehouse in Balakliya, several hundred hectares, the Transnistrian warehouses are now very much needed to strengthen the Ukrainian army.  


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