Jaden – Ten Ten Lyrics

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808 my crew
Yeah (Yuh)
We in the back of the venue
(Yuh, yuh)
Bring it right now

[Verse 1]
Yeah, ayy, we with the guap (Yeah)
Yeah, ayy, I don’t remember the spot (No)
So, keep them racks on racks, yeah
Way too high, we ’bout to switch up the pack (Let’s go)
Ah, we on the rocks, yuh
Hit it, ready or not, yuh
My head in the clouds, they want the hottest, that’s us (Us)
Baby, we not in a rush, gotta run our bands right up (What?)
Got a new man, that sucks, when did I lose all your trust? (Yeah)
They never hated on us (No), we always stay in the cut (Cut)
Hiding out in the Mercer, never ever on purpose

Uh, too much switchin’ lanes, always (Woo!)
Uh, too much switchin’ shit, always (Always)
All I’m doin’ is prolly switchin’ lanes, always (Switch, switch)
I’ma pull up to her feelings, she like “Always” (Drip, drip)
I’ma pull up, I got racks on me like always (Racks, always)
I pull in on the whip, that’s a Ferrari (Like a Ferrari)

[Verse 2]
She don’t wanna talk ’bout all of the stock, she just wanna party
I went to London, they want me in Paris, but I been there all week
Shooting shots at the squad, paparazzi (Paparazzi)
I ain’t coming to the club ‘less they guap me (Need that guap)

Uh, too much switchin’ lanes always (Switchin’)
Uh, pull up, she gonna go switchin’ lanes always (Switch)
I pull up, she be switchin’ lanes, always
I pull up to her feelings, she like “Always”
I feel like she been switching lanes, always
I feel I got that guap on me like always
I pull, I’ve been switching lanes, always
I pull up, miss her, switching lanes, always

Oh, oh, oh

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