The Jerusalem Post learned that the Ministry of Justice warned Jewish organizations about the status of a foreign agent Several Jewish organizations received a warning about possible recognition as foreign agents. Last week, the Ministry of Justice asked to liquidate the Russian representative office of the Jewish Agency The Jerusalem Post learned about the warning to Jewish organizations from the Ministry of Justice” />

Several Jewish organizations operating in Russia received a warning from the Russian Ministry of Justice that they could be recognized as foreign agents, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The publication also indicated that organizations “mainly supported by US or Israeli funds” have decided to reduce activity and do only necessary or urgent work. At the same time, local organizations that exist without support from abroad did not receive any such letters. The Jerusalem Post did not name specific organizations.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Justice.

The head of the public relations department of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, Borukh Gorin, told RBC that she had not received letters of warning from the Russian Ministry of Justice regarding the work of the organization. RBC was also informed by the ANO “Editorial office of the newspaper Shofar Volga region”.

Last week, the Ministry of Justice asked to liquidate the Russian representative office of the Jewish Agency, or “Sohnut”. It is engaged in repatriation to Israel and assistance to repatriates.

According to 13Reshet, the representative office was suspected of organizing a brain drain. It primarily organizes the repatriation of Russian citizens engaged in business and scientific activities, “and their departure significantly reduces the scientific and business potential of Russia,” the TV channel cited a fragment of a document “received by Israel from the Russian authorities.” In the Kremlin, the version with the “brain drain” refuted, stating that the requirement to liquidate the representative office of the Jewish Agency is connected “with the observance of Russian legislation.”

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