It is best to export grain from Ukraine through Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko believes. According to him, he discussed this option with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Moscow has previously stated that it is ready to ensure the transportation of grain by sea Lukashenka called Belarus the best way to export grain from Ukraine” />

Belarus is the best direction to export grain from Ukraine, President of this country Alexander Lukashenko believes. He told journalists about it, BelTA informs. According to the President of Belarus, together with President Vladimir Putin, five directions have been identified for these purposes.

“The best direction (Putin and I identified five)” Belarus. Please— we don't want to go hungry in Africa. Yes, not in Africa, in Europe and America is not enough. We don't mind, take it through Belarus, but there must be compromises: we— you, you— us. Open ports and we will ship»,— Lukashenka is quoted by the agency.

According to him, in the world “hunger has been faced for a long time.” “A billion are starving, and tomorrow a billion will be on the verge of death. Only because of the policy that the West and rich countries, primarily America, are pursuing today. That's the problem. It is necessary to solve it»,— considers Lukashenka.

Russia and Ukraine are among the world's largest suppliers of wheat. Since the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, world leaders have repeatedly expressed fears about potential food shortages. For example, the director of the UN World Food Program in Germany, Martin Frick, said that about 4.5 million tons of grain were blocked in Ukrainian ports, and the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, accused Russia of using hunger and grain to obtain influence in the world.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken estimated the volume of grain blocked in Ukraine at 20 million tons, and also said that Russia's actions exacerbate the food crisis.

Russia's permanent representative to the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, called the accusations “blasphemous.” According to him, Russia has established a safe corridor 3 nautical miles wide and 80 miles long for the transportation of grain in the Black Sea, but ships with grain did not leave Odessa. “We are accused of not letting ships through, but we didn’t set the mines,” — he said on May 20. The fact that Russia is ready to provide safe passage for Ukrainian ships with grain from Ukrainian ports, Nebenzya also reiterated in early June.

Read on RBC Pro Pro What to do if your employer forces you to quit Articles Pro Import substitution in Brazil revived the growth of corruption. How It Happened Pro Articles Coffee: Answering Common Questions About Your Favorite Drink How To Pro The biotech euphoria is fading in the stock market. What awaits the industry Articles Pro Let's break through: three keys to success in strategic planning Articles Pro Digitalization for aksakals: how do Russians earn money in Uzbekistan Articles Pro Which IT specialists are missing in business besides developers Articles Pro Irresistible sale: 3 presentation elements that will make you buy Articles < p>At the end of May, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the export of Ukrainian grain and ensuring safe navigation in the Black and Azov Seas. Putin expressed his readiness to facilitate the unhindered maritime transit of goods. Prior to this, the Russian president also discussed this issue by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Anadolu Agency reported on June 2 that Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, with the assistance of the UN, developed a “road map”, which will allow exporting and supplying to the international market about 20 million tons of grain and sunflower seeds. According to the agency, representatives of the three countries and the international organization will discuss the details of the plan at a meeting in the coming days. The route, insurance and security of ships with grain, including the clearance of ports in the Black Sea, will be discussed there.

Ukraine also demands security guarantees from Russia for ships and ports involved in the export of grain, said a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko.

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