According to authorities, the wait is six days. As of July 10, the exemption from EU sanctions for certain goods has ceased to apply. Despite this, they are trying to smuggle goods under sanctions in both directions

About 1,250 trucks got stuck on the border between Russia and Latvia, TV3 reports with reference to the State Revenue Service of the republic.

< p>About 850 trucks accumulated in anticipation of passage at the Terekhovo checkpoint. Over the past day, 133 vehicles crossed the border there. Now the waiting time at the border is more than six days.

About 400 more trucks are queuing to enter Russia at the Grebnevo border checkpoint, 80 vehicles have crossed the border in the last 24 hours. Waiting time— six days.

Queues formed on the Latvian-Belarusian border. About 350 trucks got stuck there.

“We really hoped that after the end of the period when certain categories of goods could be exported until July 10, the queue would be significantly reduced, but our expectations were not met. Every day, in both directions, 14 & ndash; 15 cars try to circumvent the sanctions,— said Irina Golubeva, deputy head of the customs control point. Drivers are trying to smuggle goods such as timber, paints, varnishes, furniture, alcohol, and luxury goods in both directions.

RBC sent a request to the border department of the Russian Federal Security Service along the Pskovskaya area.

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From July 10, it is forbidden to export plants and seedlings, clay, paper, cardboard and wallpaper, fabrics, building materials, chemicals, paints and varnishes, etc. from the EU.

Furniture, wood, potash fertilizers, cement, caviar, glass bottles and jars, etc. cannot be imported from Russia. Also banned are vodka, gin, liqueurs, luxury goods over €300 per item, and household appliances over €750 per item.

The ban also applies to travelers.

< p> In mid-March, the EU imposed sanctions prohibiting the supply to Russia of cars, luxury goods worth more than €300, alcohol, horses, electronic goods for household use over €750, caviar, truffles, cigars, perfumes, cosmetics, watches, pearls , clothes, shoes and accessories. A month later, Brussels banned the export of plants, photographic film, printing ink, paper, etc.

In mid-June, the European Union decided to make an exception for certain goods from Russia, allowing the import of caviar, vodka, rubber, timber, and other things until July 10 . This decision applies to contracts concluded before April 9.

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