What Russian military investigators do in the special operation zone

The work of Russian military investigators in Donbas will result in criminal cases and an international wanted list for war criminals.

Who can to end up in the dock and will charges be brought against the top leadership of Ukraine? Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky answered these questions for our publication.

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– Responsibility should be borne by persons, starting with the top leadership of the country. Because from a military point of view, these attacks do not make any sense. And the purpose of these attacks is exclusively terrorist — whipping up terror in the liberated territories and an attempt to demonstrate that Russia is not in control of the situation.

The forms of terrorist threats can be different. Indeed, in addition to the shelling, there was recently a statement, in my opinion, by the Minister of Defense of the current Kyiv regime, that citizens need to be evacuated from Kherson due to the fact that a massive counteroffensive will begin there.

A massive counter-offensive will not start there, because the Ukrainian regime does not have such forces, but there may be shelling. This is all aimed at sowing panic and distrust in the authorities of the Russian Federation and the authorities of the liberated territories.

responsibility. They are well aware of what targets they are hitting.

In addition, HIMARS, which the Americans set up, are controlled from the satellite, and foreign specialists are clearly involved here.

By the way, I think that the American citizens who direct the firing, if they are installed, should also be held responsible. Because the shelling of civilian targets that we are observing is not an accident, not a mistake – this is a deliberate policy of terror.

The current Ukrainian regime does not have the ability to resolve the issue through military force and legitimate military operations, and it chooses such tactics of terror . From weakness, not from strength.

– This is a difficult question, and each time it is clarified in court in its own way. Of course, the servicemen on the spot are afraid to refuse to obey the order. We see that the Kyiv regime does not stand on ceremony not only with the civilian population in the controlled and liberated territory, but also with its military personnel. There are cases when the same nationalist battalions are used as detachments. Therefore, those who refuse to carry out even knowingly criminal orders can be shot on the spot. When these people fall into the hands of our justice, we will need to consider this as a mitigating circumstance. Because it is possible that they carry out orders under duress. When the Americans burned the village of Song My in Vietnam (an outrageous case similar to our Khatyn during the Great Patriotic War), not all soldiers followed orders and the officers threatened the soldiers with execution on the spot. It turned out later, in court.

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– Investigators have a lot of ways. First of all, they establish which military units were in this area, what composition of these military personnel. In addition, they interview witnesses, find out something through the prisoners.

Of course, this is a difficult job, and the Ukrainian side will hide this data. At the same time, there are a lot of opportunities right now. The same Internet through which you can collect data.

Operational work to establish the identity of criminals is quite diverse, and the methods may be different. Therefore, with a high degree of probability, the identity of all those who gave criminal orders and specific executors will be established.

– Not only to the tribunal. This is a job for the global community.

We must not forget that the world community has changed a lot. Most recently, it was announced that the world's population has exceeded 8 billion, the population of the G7 countries is only 777 million people, and the rest of humanity lives in countries that either do not sympathize with the West or simply support our special military operation. This work is being done for them. To tell the UN, to organize a military tribunal in the future, to show the crimes.

We must collect this data and make it public. They say that the West will not hear us. Well, okay. The West is a party to the conflict. But we will be heard by a huge number of people in the world.

– It would be worth starting with it. Not only him, but all his officials. Because the shelling of peaceful cities today, this activity of intimidation, is of a systemic nature. Because, I repeat, military goals are unattainable and they use terror methods.

– These are questions for the political leadership of the country. I will only add that there is no statute of limitations for such crimes. Fascist criminals who managed to escape punishment are still being detained all over the world. And there are many such cases. I hope that 50 years will not have to wait, justice will find them much earlier. There are all legal grounds for this.

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