After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Vasily Sinaisky called it “mean”. Before the concert, there were calls to cancel the performance of the musicians because of the position of the conductor. The Philharmonic associated the cancellation with his state of health canceled the concert with the participation of the conductor Sinaisky” />

Vasily Sinaisky

St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic D. D. Shostakovich canceled the concert of the honored ensemble of Russia for health reasons conductor Vasily Sinaisky, the deputy artistic director of the Philharmonic Evgeny Petrovsky told RBC.

“This program of Vasily Serafimovich cannot be rescheduled, since Philharmonic season June 30 period is just not possible. However, several concerts of the conductor with other programs are planned for the upcoming season,— Petrovsky explained.

The concert was supposed to take place in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic on June 4.

February 28, a few days after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, on the website of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Janacek, whose leader is Sinaisky, his statement was published in which he calls the military actions in Ukraine “mean”. “My grandfather was Ukrainian, and from early childhood I heard Ukrainian songs, words and sayings from my mother and other relatives. My happiest days I spent were school holidays with relatives in Kyiv and its environs. And even then I felt the love of Ukrainians for their Motherland and their desire to do everything to make it prosper,— according to the conductor's statement.

According to Fontanka, May 31 in the Telegram channel “Cultural Front Z” under the hashtag “Witch Hunt” calls began to appear to cancel the concert with the participation of the Sinai— because of his position.

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