The President explained the background of the assassination attempt on Vladimir Solovyov

At a meeting of the board of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Vladimir Putin announced the plans of neo-Nazis recruited by the Ukrainian special services to kill a “famous Russian TV journalist”, and the FSB made public his name — This is Vladimir Solovyov. According to the president, the ideologists of the assassination are CIA officers who, having failed to win victories on the battlefield and on the information front from their Ukrainian satellites, switched to terror. Putin instructed law enforcement agencies to form the evidence base necessary for use in international courts on this and other crimes of neo-Nazis. Moreover, the starting point for the security forces should not be 2022, but 2014.


Putin traditionally participates in the reporting boards of law enforcement agencies. Usually, such events, where the results of the past year are summed up and plans for the future are discussed, are held in February-March. But this season, due to the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the schedule shifted to the right, and the President and the Prosecutor General in their speeches said that the holding of the SVO poses new tasks for the prosecutor's office related to fixing the crimes of neo-Nazis and counteracting the activities of Russia's enemies on the Internet, which , according to Igor Krasnov, is the main source of dissemination of “false information that destabilizes public order.”

The crimes of neo-Nazis in Ukraine were listed by Vladimir Putin. These are the killings of civilians, the use of people as a “human shield”, provocations against the Russian armed forces. Prosecutors, together with investigators, should participate in the formation of the necessary evidence base, which will be used in court proceedings, including at the international level, he pointed out. “I emphasize that such an evidence base should be accumulated for all the crimes of neo-Nazis and their accomplices, starting with the coup in Kyiv in 2014, which opened the way for civil war, bloodshed and violence in Ukraine,” — said the president.

However, neo-Nazis operate not only in Ukraine. They are trying to raise their heads in our country as well. “This morning, the FSB stopped the activities of a terrorist group that planned the attack and murder of one of the well-known Russian TV journalists,” — announced the GDPR, emphasizing that “the facts and evidence are irrefutable.” A few seconds after Putin made this statement, the name of the victim appeared on the tapes of news agencies — Vladimir Solovyov. The attempt on his life, as explained by the FSB, was prepared by Russian neo-Nazis recruited by the Ukrainian special services. Their arsenal included an improvised explosive device, 8 Molotov cocktails, 6 PM pistols, a sawn-off hunting rifle and a grenade. All detainees give confessions. (Toward evening, from these testimonies, it turned out that the murder was discussed not only of Solovyov, but also of Simonyan, Skabeeva and Kiselyov. «MK».)

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Photo: AGN “Moskva”

Vladimir Putin spoke about how he sees the political background of this assassination. “High-ranking diplomats in Europe and the USA” (apparently referring to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. «MK») called on “their Ukrainian satellites” use every opportunity to “win the battlefield.” But as it was realized that this was impossible, another task came to the fore — split Russian society. This, according to VVP, also fails: “Our society is showing maturity and cohesion,” everyone supports the armed forces and their actions in Ukraine. And since the West also suffered a defeat in the information field, a new task appeared. “We switched to terror, to preparing the murder of our journalists,” — Putin said. He stressed that the Russian special services “by last name” CIA curators are known who work with Ukrainian security agencies and “apparently give them such advice.” “Here is your attitude to the rights of journalists and to human rights in general,” — Putin complained.

In Western countries, because of the monopoly in the information space, citizens, in his opinion, are “fooled.” And they want to eliminate Russian journalists who tell the truth about the events in Ukraine. “But it won’t work in Russia.” “I ask the Investigative Committee, all investigative bodies to record such crimes in detail, identify their organizers and perpetrators, initiate and bring criminal cases to their logical conclusion,” — the President ordered. Igor Krasnov in his report stated that the prosecutors intend to deal not only with neo-Nazis, but also with their predecessors — Nazis. That is, to dig much deeper than in 2014, and also to raise the issue of genocide. “In connection with the ongoing attempts to falsify the truth about the results of the Second World War and the role of the Soviet people in the Victory over fascism, it is important to continue to establish legal facts about the criminal acts of the Nazis against the civilian population and prisoners of war, recognizing them as war crimes and genocide. The results, I'm sure, will be in demand, », — he declared. Krasnov urged his subordinates to more actively and promptly fight fake news about Russia on the Internet, as well as foreign and international NGOs involved in their distribution. In 2021, according to him, 18 NGOs were recognized as undesirable, and 300 administrative cases were opened to prevent attempts to resume the work of these organizations. “Increase this work!” — Krasnov recommended to prosecutors.


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