The Kremlin has staged an Italian strike for the West

Until now, only one creature in history was thought to have managed to “flog itself by mistake”: Gogol's non-commissioned officer's widow. But now this “record” has been broken. In the course of his communication with the press in Iran, Vladimir Putin proved this convincingly.

And who is this lucky (or, conversely, unlucky) record holder? Of course, Europe, which, according to the logic of the Kremlin, absolutely vainly accuses Russia of strangling it in the grip of an energy blockade.

Who, then, is to blame for the fact that the European Union, which has declared economic war on Moscow, is now suffocating due to a lack of gas (yes, yes, this can also happen)? It is known who, “non-traditional relations” – this time not between people of the same sex, but in the sphere of political decision-making regarding the energy sector.

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Are you a little confused? Don't worry, everything will become very clear to you now.

The President of the Russian Federation is asked: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, a serious energy crisis is approaching Europe… Tell me, please, is Russia justly blamed for this energy crisis?”< /p>

The President of the Russian Federation replies: “I don’t know if it’s worth going into details about the energy policy of European countries that have neglected the importance of traditional types of energy and have relied on non-traditional ones. They are great experts in the field of non-traditional relations, so in the field of energy they also decided to rely on non-traditional types of energy.

How politely worded! Not a single word that could be construed as disrespectful to the “great specialists in the field of non-traditional relationships.”

There is, however, one “but”. When, in 1962, Nikita Khrushchev made his famous visit to the Manege for an exhibition of avant-garde artists, he also spoke there about adherents of “non-traditional relations.” And as a politician, much less refined than Putin, he did it using much less intelligent vocabulary – for example, one common word for the letter “p”.

And this is the suspicion that gnaws at me: the meaning of the signal that Vladimir Vladimirovich sent from Iran to the “European partners” is not very different from what Nikita Sergeevich 60 years ago stated in plain text to the then experimenters in the field of art. But simply sending “partners” on a long and exciting “erotic journey” is not Putin's style. Putin's style is to ensure that this “journey” has a sobering and healing effect for the “partners”.

There is such a thing as the “Italian strike”. Here is its scientific definition: “A form of protest, in which the employees of the enterprise strictly fulfill their official duties and rules, not stepping back from them and not going beyond them … This method of strike struggle is very effective, since it is almost impossible to work strictly according to the instructions.”

Now compare this definition with the following public reflections by Putin on the return of the notorious Siemens turbine from Canada: “Now we are told that we will soon receive this machine from Canada, but Gazprom has no official documents on this yet. Of course, we must get them, because this is our property, this is the property of Gazprom. “Gazprom” must receive not only metal, not only a car, but also documents for it, and legal documents, and technical documentation. We must understand what Gazprom takes, in what condition the car arrived and what is its legal status: it is under sanctions, not under sanctions, what to do with it, tomorrow, maybe they will take it back. But that's not all.”

Are you sure it's not all, Vladimir Vladimirovich? If I were Russia's “European partner”, then at the sound of Putin's words “that's not all” it would cost me a lot of effort not to instantly turn gray.

But Putin really has “not everything yet”: “The fact is that at the end of July, in my opinion, on the 26th, in my opinion, this should be asked from Gazprom, also for maintenance work, for repairs should be another car sent.

Where can we get the refurbished ones? It is completely incomprehensible.

And another machine has already failed, because some kind of internal lining has fallen off, Siemens confirmed this.

Now you are convinced that Russia has nothing to do with the “gas famine” in Europe, that this “hunger” is a direct result of the fact that the EU flogged itself? I'm sure you've made sure. Putin's arguments in favor of this theory (I have given here only a part of such arguments) can be called quite exhaustive. yeah, just a coincidence. In the end, should adherents of traditional relationships get moral satisfaction from the fact that adherence to non-traditional relationships leads somewhere wrong?

And here we are talking not only about moral, but also about quite a material pleasure. The last quote from GDP in this text: “Look, the year before last, in the first half of the year before last, gas in Europe cost 100 euros per 1000 cubic meters. In the first half of last year – 250. Today, these days – 1,700 euros for 1,000 cubic meters.

In short, traditions are our everything. To comply with them, as Putin has just proved, is easier, cheaper, and more pleasant.


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