Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland: several areas were left without gas due to sanctions against the “daughter” of NOVATEK According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, several dozen small settlements were left without gas due to sanctions against NOVATEK. The company provided liquefied natural gas supplies there

Several municipalities in Poland were left without gas due to the suspension of supplies by the Russian company NOVATEK, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Pavel Shefernaker said, reports.

Several dozen communes— this is how the smallest administrative-territorial unit is called in Poland.

“We have 2.5 thousand communes in Poland. There are problems [with gas] in a few dozen, — recognized Schäfernaker and said that the authorities are making efforts to eliminate interruptions and bring gas supply to the municipalities that are facing problems.

A commune can be a separate village (rural gmina), city (urban commune) or a city with adjacent villages (the so-called mixed commune).

The deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the cessation of gas supplies is In these areas, the gas infrastructure belonged to NOVATEK, which also acted as a fuel supplier. The company decided to stop deliveries after it came under Polish sanctions.

According to Schaefernaker, since the decision to impose sanctions was made secretly, the heads of local administrations were not warned in advance about a possible cessation of supplies.

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Another Deputy Interior Minister of Poland, Maciej Wonsik, said that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki would soon issue orders on the basis of which Polish companies would take control of the gas networks in the communes, where the “daughter” was engaged in deliveries. NOVATEK Novatek Green Energy, and rectify the situation.

According to the TVN24 TV channel, in particular, the communes of Mescisko and Zagurów in western Poland, as well as the city of Leba, which is located on the Baltic coast, were left without gas. Residents of these municipalities do not have heating and hot water, the gas was supplied to these areas by the Russian company Novatek Green Energy.

Novatek Green Energy has been operating in the European market since 2010. As follows from the explanation on the company's website, at the beginning of its activity, it specialized in the supply of liquefied hydrocarbon gas (LHG). Since 2017, the company has also been supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG), including building gas filling stations and serving customers in settlements gasified using LNG technology.

RBC sent a request to NOVATEK.

< p>At the end of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on transferring payments for Russian gas into rubles. To do this, companies were offered to open a ruble account with Gazprombank. Putin also said that failure to comply with the decision of the Russian authorities would be considered a breach of contractual obligations on the part of buyers.

After that, Poland announced that it would not pay for gas from Russia in rubles. The Government Commissioner for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, Piotr Naimsky, said that Warsaw is ready to cut off gas supplies from Russia and may even stop the flow of Russian gas to the country on its own.

On April 26, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland imposed sanctions against individuals and legal entities from Russia, including against Gazprom, NOVATEK and its subsidiaries.

April 27, Gazprom completely suspended gas supplies to Poland via the Yamal pipeline— Europe. The press service of the company noted that as of the end of the working day on April 26, Gazprom Export did not receive payments for deliveries in April in rubles, as required by the decree of the President of Russia of March 31. At Gazprom also warned that in the event of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, supplies for transit will be reduced by this volume.

PGNiG, under a contract with which Gazprom supplied gas to Poland, considered the actions of Gazprom violation of the current agreement and announced that she intends to file a claim against the Russian company.

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