South Korea and Japan reported the launch of six to eight ballistic missiles from the DPRK In Japan, they reported that they know about at least six missiles launched by Pyongyang. North Korea launched rockets for the 18th time since the beginning of the year, Seoul and Tokyo reported .jpg” alt=”South Korea has recorded the launch of eight ballistic missiles from the DPRK” />

People in South Korea look at the test launch of DPRK missiles, June 2017

North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan , said the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, Yonhap reports.

According to the military, the missiles took off from areas around Sunan Airport in Pyongyang from 09:08 to 09:43 local time (from 03:08 to 03 :48 Moscow time). At the same time, the source of the agency reported that the DPRK launched missiles from at least two different places.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said North Korea had fired at least six ballistic missiles, NHK reported. The Japanese agency noticed the first rocket at 9:14 local time (3:14 Moscow time). Several of them fell into the sea outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

The Japanese government organized an emergency meeting of emergency ministries and services.

The US Indo-Pacific Command has said it is aware of multiple ballistic missile launches from North Korea, is consulting with allies, and is committed to protecting South Korea and Japan.

threats to US personnel or territory or to our allies, and missile launches highlight the destabilizing impact of the DPRK's illegal weapons program,— said in the unit's statement

Read on RBC Pro Pro Variable logos and fonts: how they are useful for business corruption. How It Happened Pro Articles How Meditation Is Beneficial and What Techniques Can Help You Start Practicing Pro Instructions Does Eye Gymnastics Help Improve Vision Pro Articles The US market has reached a fair mark. Rule 20 Says ItAccording to South Korean military estimates, this launch was the 18th for the DPRK since the beginning of the year. The latest launches came after US President Joe Biden's visit to Japan and the May 22 Quad summit.

Then, South Korea reported that North Korea had launched three missiles. Two of them flew 300 and 750km before crashing into the eastern Sea of ​​Japan, Tokyo said.

On May 23, South Korea and the United States fired rockets back. Seoul launched Henmu-2 ballistic missiles, and the US — one ATACMS projectile towards the Sea of ​​Japan. So the allies showed the possibilities of “immediate strike” by the allied forces.

In late May, the United States, South Korea and Japan condemned the latest North Korean missile launches. Representatives of the countries agreed to strengthen trilateral cooperation in order to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and stressed their readiness to meet with representatives of North Korea.

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