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[Intro : Singuila & Soprano] – Allô ? – Allô ? – Allô Sopra – Allô c’est qui ? – Ouais c’est Singuila, j’peux pas parler trop fort, faut qu’j’te parle d’un truc là – Roh, Singui’, toi t’as encore déconné ou quoi ? – Ouais – Ouais vas-y, j’t’écoute [Couplet 1 : Singuila] Ma … Continue reading Singuila – Qu’est Ce Qu’elle Est Bonne Lyrics (feat. Soprano)

[Verse] Nigga, call me a G.O.A.T., don’t call it a comeback Seven million records, nine months, where Soulja at? I could make the same song, bitches still play that Run around saying that you made me, why you say that? And I make them bitches flock to me like A.S.A.P And I had to Amber … Continue reading Tyga – Tyga Freestyle | L.A. Leakers Freestyle #073 Lyrics

Saweetie – EXPEN$IVE lyrics

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[Chorus] I’m expensive, I’m expensive I’m expensive, expensive, expensive Uh, I’m expensive, diamonds is expensive This jewelry is expensive, expensive, expensive Tennis on my necklace, water on my pendant Icy independent, expensive, expensive Saweetie is expensive, I’m expensive I’m expensive, nigga, I’m expensive, expensive [Verse 1] Here’s another anthem for the queens and for the … Continue reading Saweetie – EXPEN$IVE lyrics

Prince Williams/WireImage When Amber Rose arrived at her third annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles earlier this month, the Hollywood star couldn’t believe her eyes. Dressed up as her superhero alter ego nicknamed Captain Save a Hoe, Amber saw thousands upon thousands of women come together in support of women’s rights, sex positivity and being one’s self. “It … Continue reading How Amber Rose Became an Unlikely Icon for Feminism

21 Savage is opening up about his relationship with Amber Rose. Saint Laurent Don recently told his fans that he is not going soft after getting trolled for pouring his heart out to Amber Rose in a video posted on his social media. But after watching the below clip, then you will likely conclude that … Continue reading 21 Savage Says Amber Rose Makes Him Take Vitamins Treats Him Like A King

21 Savage and Amber Rose are a full on couple now and they are getting a lot of hate on social media. The Atlanta rapper and the blonde bombshell have been dating for a few weeks now and things are moving so fast that she already introduced him to her family including her son with … Continue reading 21 Savage and Amber Rose Blasts Critics Of Their Relationship

Ab-Soul – Womanogamy

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[Intro] The goal is not to, uh, make my cup full That’s the goal, that’s the ultimate goal One wrong move in this motherfucker *Spark* [Verse 1: Ab-Soul] Look, I got two baby mamas, but I ain’t got no kids Nah, I’m fuckin’ with you, them my lesbian friends Real shit, they been together for … Continue reading Ab-Soul – Womanogamy

[Bridge: Joe Budden] What’s going on in this motherfucker? See a lot of funny looks, made me think that something’s wrong in this motherfucker If I let the milli rock it’ll be a different song in this motherfucker Two bitches in the club, can’t we all get along in this motherfucker? Rodney King and I’m … Continue reading Joe Budden – Time For Work (Rage & The Machine Album) letras