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Mr. Shadow – Krazy Ass Mexikans Lyrics

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[Mr. Shadow] What’s crackin’ Shadow in San with my dog, Bad Boy Javie Lopez track, you know how we do this shit West coast, motherf**ker [Verse 1: Mr. Shadow] Heads turn with concern when I bend the block You motherf**kers don’t learn that I’m burnin’ hot Only G’s on my team always ready to bust … Continue reading Mr. Shadow – Krazy Ass Mexikans Lyrics

I was terra since da public school erra Bathroom passes cutting up classes Squeezing asses Smoking blood was a daily rutine Since 13 a chunky n*gger on das mean I used to eat a tray dus and a duc duc And boublerap and mac in my backpack Lounging in the back smoking sacks and sidekicks … Continue reading Dj Crazy J Rodriguez – Party & Bullshit In The USA Lyrics

[Intro] Aye Aye, they might could do it better I ain’t trippin’ off all that shit [Chorus] Used to be broke but now I’m rich, I’m spendin’ every penny 2Pac Shakur, ridin’ through the North up in the Bentley Curtis Jackson ain’t no actin’ when I’m on a mission Tryna assassinate my character, I ain’t … Continue reading NBA YoungBoy – Diamond Teeth Samurai

Bad Boy

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Lyrics to ‘Bad Boy’ by Red Velvet: They rock a number of outfits that we’re obsessing over. Watching the girls walk down between those ice caps is just everything. Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Yeri, and Joy are just so darn fierce! From the sets to the outfits to the vibe of the whole music video, “Bad … Continue reading Bad Boy

Mase sister has stepped forward to denied Cam’ron claims that he had sex with her. Cam’ron has since responded to Mase scathing diss track “The Oracle” with his own diss record “Dinner Time.” The former Bad Boy rapper has since declared victory but there was one thing that his sister had to address. If you … Continue reading Mase Sister Shut Down Cam’ron “He Is Dreaming”

NOTORIOUS B.I.G.Want That Old Thing Back Lyrics Uh yeah, Bad Boy baby Biggie Smalls Listen… [Singing:] Uh yeah baby oooooooh, listen to me, oh yeaaaah [Notorious B.I.G.:] When it comes to sex, I’m similar to the thriller in Manila Honeys call me Bigga the condom filler Whether it’s stiff tongue or stiff dick Biggie squeeze … Continue reading Notorious B.i.g. – Want That Old Thing Back Lyrics

[Intro: Puff Daddy] As we proceed To give you what you need Bad Boy mothafuckas (Bad Boy, Bad Boy, whatcha gon’ do?) I’m proud of myself, you know I’m saying? West coast mothafuckas (Watcha gon’ do when they come for you?) East coast mothafuckas Ain’t nothing wrong with that, I’m fucking proud of myself (You’ll … Continue reading Puff Daddy – Watcha Gon’ Do? (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Rick Ross)

French Montana honors honors his late comrade Chinx in a major way by including him on his new album Jungle Rules. After dropping the album last week, the Bad Boy rapper serves up the video for his The Weeknd-assisted single “A Lie.” Now we have the video for the single “Whisky eyes” featuring Chinx. The … Continue reading Watch French Montana & Chinx “Whisky Eyes” Video