Headie One – Again Lyrics

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[Chorus] They want me in trouble again Want me in induction again, guards giving instructions again Letters bout loving again, visit hall kissing and hugging again That mop and bucket again, empty and rubbish again And these feds try cuff me again, Lord knows that I’m touching again Still try do man f**kery again, man … Continue reading Headie One – Again Lyrics

From a high in 2015 when it sold 11,192 cars, sales have slipped to 4,595 units in 2019. Audi had till 2013 led the pack of luxury carmakers, beating both Mercedes-Benz and BMW. However, its sales have plummeted since 2016.

[Strofa 1 – Vincenzo da Via Anfossi] Questa è la storia di un re stregone che dava vita alle parole Al primo pianto mutò in pietra il cuore Nato per essere additato come il cattivo E dare un senso a chi ricopre il ruolo del buono Fu messo al mondo ogni mondo con foreste di … Continue reading Marracash – Fiaba Di Strada Lyrics (feat. Vincenzo Da Via Anfossi)

LANY – Pancakes lyrics

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[Verse 1] Pick up the phone, I swear to god, I miss you I love the way you sound when it’s dark outside Pancakes, Champagne, 15 away, it’s almost 2 Those hands, the way your fingers fit between mine [Pre-Chorus] I’m not any good at secrets Could we fill a roll of film? The way … Continue reading LANY – Pancakes lyrics

Krimi mala – Connect tekst

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Tekst Connect – Krimi mala Nju ne zanima lova Nju ne zanima lova Audi i BMW niti skupa garderoba crna koža i Mercedes.(krimi mala) Ona lijepa je do bola voli stvari koje vrijede nikad neće biti tvoja ona želi samo mene. Ona ona ona želi samo mene. O kakvo kakvo kakvo telo ima celi klub … Continue reading Krimi mala – Connect tekst

The cops in Alkaline controversial music video “After All” are facing disciplinary action from the commissioner of police. At the beginning of the video, Alkaline and one of his co-stars were driving a BMW through the ghetto when they came upon a police check point. The cops had on police uniforms, guns and a marked … Continue reading Cops In Alkaline Video Could Get Kicked Out Police Force

[Intro] Yeah, yeah (uh-uh) It’s me, it’s me (uh-uh) I was hatched in ’83 Fuckin’ standing like the Notre Dame logo right now Just leave this shit, man [Verse 1] If I choose the right horse, I’ma buy a white Porsche Never take the night off, saying that my mind’s off Ever since I came … Continue reading Action Bronson – Durag Vs. Headband (feat. Big Body Bes) letras