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[Verse 1: Only One] I sold grams, I sold weight I sold Pakistan, I sold Grapes I was smoking OG Kush in ’08 When y’all didn’t even know the names of your own strain I showed ’em the ins and outs Before motherf**kers knew the difference between ins & outs Never even been in a … Continue reading Illmaculate & Onlyone – Grow Ops Lyrics (feat. Yukmouth)

MF DOOM – Reign In The Subway Lyrics

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No friendly warfare, this ain’t wrestlin’ There’s nothin’ staged over here, you’re trippin’ Mescaline Drinkin’, coulda got smacked for what he thinkin’ Coulda said the word, then whack! Abe Lincoln And still spend stacks off crack, stay crinklin’ This game’s built to get got while blinkin’ Rappers do big up jail like a recruiter Let … Continue reading MF DOOM – Reign In The Subway Lyrics

I said a young nigga stressed My chain ain’t the only real shit up on my chest I’m gettin’ sour looks, still a young nigga fresh Double workin’ overtime, but a young nigga blessed (amen) And lately I don’t know who to trust It’s just me, myself and I and we all doin’ us I’m … Continue reading Young Lito – Go Time (In Due Time Mixtape)