Street cars and Podunk bars Said I hope I get there by sunrise Sleep until noon in….. Hotel rooms can Lead to barefoot girls dancing on tables Fix your hair and….. call your friends Cuz tonight there’s gonna be a party Campfire storytime, I told a joke and made you smile Listening to the Rolling … Continue reading Wheeler Brothers – Sleep When I’m Dead Lyrics

Tina Tara – Worth It Lyrics

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Oh, all the questions you keep throwing my way And all the times that you are doubting everything Oh, one could think that you Li-like it this way (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) You’re building hurdles all along to cross your way And I’m just sitting here and watch you complaining But can’t you see how you keep pushing me away … Continue reading Tina Tara – Worth It Lyrics

The Battle Is The lords’ Vs1 Shout Hosanna The fight is the lords’ The blood of Jesus avails Shout hosanna The victory is ours For the power of God at work Vs2 Shout Hosanna The Lord is the Captain His weapons are not canal Shout hosanna The word is our sword Be still and know … Continue reading Goldstreet Worship – The Battle Is The Lords’ lyrics