Yo Gotti – Betrayal

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[Refrain] They tried play me My own squad tried betray me Never love these bitches ’cause they played me Can’t leave these streets because they paid me I can’t believe they tried betray me I can’t believe they tried betray me I can’t believe they tried betray me I won’t let these niggas faze me … Continue reading Yo Gotti – Betrayal

Lyrics Moneybagg Yo – Lately Just had a fallout with my nigga so it’s been f*ck him lately Tryna make everybody happy, s**t gonna rub me crazy I’m still prepared for the worst, keep a strap on me daily It’s just me against the world, how a nigga been feeling lately Lately, I ain’t been … Continue reading Lately – Moneybagg Yo feat. Yo Gotti lyrics

Lyrics Lil Durk – Yesterday I was just starving in them apartments, that sh*t feel like yesterday I was just going to sleep on some carpet, that sh*t feel like yesterday I ran bands up and no I’m not sorry same feeling like yesterday Niggas saying they gone rob, I heard the same sh*t yesterday. … Continue reading Yesterday – Lil Durk feat. Moneybagg Yo lyrics

Yo Gotti – 81

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[Intro] Only if a nigga knew like It’s amazin’ what 365 days can do for you This time last year niggas was like Talkin’ ’bout cuttin’ budgets and shit I dropped the biggest record of my career, yeah Nigga business partner with Jay-Z Shout out to Ty Ty, wassup nigga? Emory, what it do? You … Continue reading Yo Gotti – 81