Concrete Evidence |

[Intro: Boldy James] Chemist Concrete Evidence Blockworks, where we at wit’ it? [Verse 1: Boldy James] Still the same kind creature Little Moochie, James Clay Jones III Since Auntie Colleen[?] and Uncle Speedy stayed on the [?] The 6-4 YBX, bold and cold I keep it funky with my folkers, huntin’ wit’ my poachers Slumpin’ wit’ the vultures, stock … Continue reading Boldy James – Grey October Lyrics (feat. Evidence)

[Chorus] It doesn’t seem like I’ll be going nowhere I’m just a victim of the ghetto It doesn’t seem like I’ll be Getting too far, too far You know, Tone It really ain’t that bad Once you understand The science of this shit College Boyz coming to you For the year 2000 Covering all sectors … Continue reading College Boyz – Victim Of The Ghetto Lyrics