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France’s antitrust watchdog slapped a 500 million euro ($593 million) fine on Alphabet’s Google on Tuesday for failing to comply fully with temporary orders it had given in a row with the country’s news publishers.

A report by USTR has claimed that digotal taxes imposed by India, France, Italy and Turkey discriminate against big US tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. It said that the taxes were unreasonable and inconsistent with priciples of international taxation.

NEW DELHI: France has opened its door for Indian students. Emmanuel Lenain, the ambassador of France to India, on Thursday tweeted, “Finally, the wait is over! Delighted to announce that our visa service is now open for receiving applications for the short-stay and long-stay student visa category. Talent passport, professors or researchers, ‘Assistant de Français’ … Continue reading France opens its doors for Indian students

France’s highest administrative court has upheld a fine of 50 million euros ($56 million) Google was ordered to pay for not being “sufficiently clear and transparent” with Android users about data protection options. Google was first slapped with the fine in January 2019, the first penalty for a US tech giant under new European data … Continue reading Google loses appeal against $56m fine in France

Mallya, once a glamorous fixture on India’s party scene, last option is to obtain an emergency injunction, known as interim measures pursuant to Rule 39, from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the international court in Strasbourg, France. Interim measures are normally decided within 48 hours.

[Bridge: Milli Major] We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance We shut down the dance [Hook: Milli Major] We shut down the dance Yeah, you know my team Bagged the promoters Drinks on me There’s queues outside Like say the entry’s free That’s it, I’m onstage next … Continue reading Milli Major – Shut Down The Dance Lyrics (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)

Un compagnon si brave son tour de france allait S’en va chez une hôtesse pour y loger Bonjour dame l’hôtesse logerions-nous ? Quand vient vers les sept heures le garçon de souper Dites dame l’hôtesse souperions-nous ? Oui mon brave jeune homme attablez-vous Appelle la servante petite jeanneton Donne de ce bon lièvre à ce … Continue reading Malicorne – L’auberge Sanglante Lyrics

Play the game Feel the flow No ! you’re under pressure Watch the flame Feel the glow No ! You’re under pressure Archduchess of Austria In a world that’s changing Queen of France In a world that’s bleeding Daughter of Emperor François Not a chanceÂ… Peace and love But love’s in piece No ! You’re … Continue reading Les Rita Mitsouko – Badluck Queen Lyrics

CCI okays GMR-Groupe ADP deal

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A day after GMR group said it is selling 49% stake in its airports business to Aeroports de Paris SA (Groupe ADP) of France, the deal has been approved by the competition watchdog Competition Commission of India (CCI).

Torn between crying for help And not letting them see me sweat But it’s certain shit I can’t forget I won’t get over it easy Shit makes me queasy I am making amends with myself Forgiving me for loving you I took a risk loving loudly Defended you proudly Ignored all the signs, yeah it’s true And, the immature … Continue reading Kehlani – Valentine’s Day (Shameful) Lyrics

MoStack – Staqdó Lyrics

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Play this song [Intro] ILL BLU [Chorus] Gimmie all the paper to Staqdó I like that gyal with the backbone All my nigga’s making big funds and they’re getting big ones, so Hear the sound of the cash flow The money goes oooh-oooh Oooh-oooh Oooh-oooh, oooh-oooh [Verse 1] I don’t know who to trust these days ‘Cos how these nigga’s give me same speech … Continue reading MoStack – Staqdó Lyrics

Hey everybody…the girls are here! When the girls get here… We’ll talk about integrated circuits and things To show them how smart we are We’ll set our hair on fire That should impress them Spill beer all over our t-shirts Accidentally We’ll show them what kind of guys we are When the girls get here… … Continue reading Young Fresh Fellows – When The Girls Get Here Lyrics

Stomy Bugsy – Sois Hardcore Lyrics

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[Couplet 1] Le videur est KO, laisse moi l’enjamber Évadé de l’Enfer, j’suis en train de flamber Révolutionnaire sur mon épitaphe Même avec les menottes, j’signe des autographes J’ai baisé la juge, violé la loi J’ai un sarcophage dans la vallée des rois Pas la peine de te cacher, ton ombre te montre du doigt … Continue reading Stomy Bugsy – Sois Hardcore Lyrics

[Intro] Yo Fred, been dealin’ with a few situations out ‘ere man But, I’m just sorting it all out, that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet And then… yeah, I’m active again You say One Headie, One Headie, One (One) Headie, One One [Chorus] Ballys and hoodies, not phones in the car Them man ain’t on but they talk … Continue reading Headie One – Charades Lyrics (feat. Fred Again..)

[Couplet 1] J’retiens ceux qui me l’ont dit Depuis c’est sûr, j’vais de mal en pis L’artiste autiste est l’enfant qui pleure sur la mélodie Hyper sensible comme un ado qui prend que des bâches Comme un radeau sur le creux d’la vague J’suis c’lui qu’écrit sous trop d’hydromel Et dans l’intro l’gars qui crie … Continue reading Dooz Kawa – Message Aux Anges Noirs Lyrics

Casus Belli – Lyon’ (2000) Lyrics

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[Couplet 1] Lyon, c’est la où j’habite, la où les mc jactent vite Là où quand des stars descendent, les putes du moove sucent des bites Lyon, rimes qui abritent, les fout tous aux abris T’es fou quand on arrive, ça nique tous au moins c’est pratique Lyon, c’est la province, s’tu veux c’est la … Continue reading Casus Belli – Lyon’ (2000) Lyrics