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[Hook: Ghetts] Bang, same city, new blocks Bang, boombox on the rooftop Bang, who’s hot? Who’s not? Bang, new job, who’s boss? [Verse 1: Ghetts] Self-employed wealthy boy Dealt with pain, dealt with joy Me and Wiley are cool now But I’m the same nigga who tried help destroy him Tell Lorraine, tell McCoy I … Continue reading Wiley – Bang (feat. Ghetts) (Godfather Album)

[Intro: Ghetts] Hah London to Toronto Yeah GH Ghetts Ghetto Haha [Verse 1: Ghetts] No spud, no head nod No hug, just get lost No love, just headshots Suck your mum without the Xbox Screw up in the same community But me and dem bwoy don’t communicate Dem bwoy think they can move to me … Continue reading Zeds Dead – Already Done (feat. Ghetts) (Northern Lights Album) letras