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[Intro] DJ Chose Mhm, yeah yeah [Bridge: DJ Chose] Started out deep, don’t got the same homies Niggas hood hoppes with slains on me Bitches took my love, yeah shame on me You wanna surprise me, don’t change on me [Chorus: DJ Chose] I thought you supposed to f**k with me, not f**k over me … Continue reading Dj Chose – I Thought Lyrics (feat. Inayah Lamis)

Bhad Bhabie – Babyface Savage Lyrics

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[Intro] (Pliznaya, Pliznaya, Pliznaya) [Chorus: Bhad Bhabie] Comin’ out hard like ’88, make a bitch levitate Babyface savage, bitch, I don’t play Patty Cake Charms in the carrot cake, carats in the Patek face Cop a new coupe, no top, that’s the Cali’ way Drop a lil’ check, everybody lit (Lit) Drop a lil’ check, … Continue reading Bhad Bhabie – Babyface Savage Lyrics

She was five foot four With some money on the floor And box that’s hidden under her bed I was only twenty two With a pocket full of truth But I gave her everything that I had We were born and raised in the Golden State Mommy’s gone and daddy’s doing his best I was … Continue reading The Neighbourhood – Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines (Wiped Out! Album) letras