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KYLE – @FoundBae lyrics

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(feat. Jesse Rutherford) [Music Video Intro: Kyle & Jada Boo] Hey Hey, so you’re going to that party later tonight? Yeah, I’m-I’m gettin’ ready to go link up with everybody Well, I was really hoping that you could stay the night with me Yeah, I know, I wish I could too but I… I gotta … Continue reading KYLE – @FoundBae lyrics

Brave Girls – Yoo Hoo lyrics

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[All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo (Naui Boo) Hey It’s Brave Sound [All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo [Minyoung] Neo ttaemune michil geot gata Simjang tteollineun ge [All] Yoohoo neon naui Boo [Yuna] Na eotteokhae Yuu hu hu yuu hu hu [Hayoon] Dalkomhan kiseureul naege seonmulhallae Ama kkamjjak nollal geoya ([All] Alright Alright) [Eunji] Ne gwie saranghanda … Continue reading Brave Girls – Yoo Hoo lyrics