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Cadell – The Death Of Me Lyrics

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[Intro] Trust me Long intro I ain’t in none of that shit I do what I want Hotline Distributions, 2016, big year Shouts out all the Roman Road massive Devons Road, Poplar, Stepney, Bethnal Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets Listen RIP Sawnoff, RIP Fizzman Free the jail man [Verse 1] I don’t ever wear jewels or chains … Continue reading Cadell – The Death Of Me Lyrics

[Intro] [Chorus] They wanna know how I come in the business I reply “it’s none of your business” Now look at me, I’m running a business On my own, nobody assisted And cause of my dad, I’m young and I’m gifted Hope they don’t get none of it twisted I’ll still knock man out for … Continue reading Cadell – Fast Food & Lottery Tickets Lyrics