Independence Day |

Nick Cannon new dancehall movie “King of the Dancehall” was premiered on August 2nd on YouTube Red and the reviews have been great. Cannon revealed that he wanted to premiere the film around the time of Jamaica’s Independence Day celebration and he did just that because now there is a buzz around the movie inside … Continue reading Nick Cannon & Kreesha Turner Talks ‘King of the Dancehall’

[Verse 1: Murs] I’m in my bass pro camo, lookin’ like a Rambo Military sack strapped with some Roman candles I’m ’bout to light it up like it’s Independence Day I do it underground, that’s the independent way I got a dinner date, I’m ten minutes late With this chick that I met up on … Continue reading Tech N9ne – Mo’ Ammo (feat. Murs & Rittz) (Dominion Deluxe Version Album)