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Chris Brown – Sensei (Remix) Lyrics

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[Intro: DJ MLK] MLK, fatality [Chorus: Chris Brown & A1] Sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei, yeah Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei (Whoo Kid) Yeah, sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei [Verse 1: Chris Brown & (A1)] Hold it down, don’t never get caught out of bounds (down, brrr) Get … Continue reading Chris Brown – Sensei (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook: Offset] Bentley truck, yeah, that’s my choice of ride (skrrt skrrt) Always keep some bitches on the side, yeah yeah Don’t stand too close, my diamonds gonna bite I get drugs for the right price, yeah yeah (drugs) She gon’ eat this molly like it’s rice (eat it up) I’ma let that lean flow … Continue reading Migos – Kelly Price (feat. Travis Scott)