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Sybyr – Zoom Lyrics

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[Intro] You- When I’m on the road (Road) we go zoom (We go zoom) Fast enough but not enough to go boom (To go boom) I’m like King Tut without the ice (Without the ice) Full of ice, that ain’t me, but I- [Chorus] When I’m on the road (Road) we go zoom (We go … Continue reading Sybyr – Zoom Lyrics

[Intro: Future] High end, yeah You know, what we doin’ (what) I’m set, slatt, set, gang, set [Verse 1: Future] I’m on a high end (jet) I’m ’bout to fly in (set) Hop in a Cayenne (skrrt) I was just glidin’ (I was just glidin’) I just be stylin’ (stylin’, style) I’m on a high … Continue reading Chris Brown – High End (feat. Future & Young Thug)

RICK ROSSGlory Of War Lyrics (feat. Anthony Hamilton) Stevie Wonder on the pianos Geechi Liberace in the building Ray Charles on the flute Sway wallabies, I follow policies Always give her game every time she swallow me Shootin’ blanks, but you gotta hit the chart at least Seen a lot of young MCs even die … Continue reading Rick Ross – Glory Of War Lyrics (feat. Anthony Hamilton)