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[Verse 1] Sheesh, I be wildin’ out Chopsticks, mopsticks, all in my mama’s couch Bathe with the apes, I been strangling snakes Hop out the Batmobile, I’m Bruce Wayne in some Maisons All mud in my kidneys, my plug is a gypsy This a fully automatic, I let my kids hold the semi Ask god … Continue reading Drakeo The Ruler – Flu Flamming Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty & OhGeesy)

[Hook: Joell Ortiz + Joe Budden] You niggas want war? Trust me you don’t want war Homeboy, you don’t know how serious it could be Man, the feeling starts, it’s a million man march No games, all my soldiers as serious as can be be When we pull up like, hey ya, hey ya, hey … Continue reading Joe Budden – Serious (Rage & The Machine Album) letras