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[Intro: Pollàri] Lil Llàri [Chorus: Pollàri] It’s Louis V when I step out on the floor (Yeah) I f**ked that bitch in the back like she a whore (Yeah) And then I kick her out, tell her don’t come no more I’m in a space coupe, I’m finna go explore, ooh Only money when I talk (Talk) Only money … Continue reading 645ar – Louie V Lyrics (feat. Pollari & SenseiATL)

[Intro] Can’t go out there playin’ when you see us young rich niggas Droppin’ straight cash on whips, flooded ice I know you like, “How the fuck these niggas got so much drip?” Hundred thousand dollar watches Three point five million dollar cribs and shit Check the Forbes list, nigga [Chorus: Offset] I’m in the … Continue reading Quality Control – Bosses Don’t Speak Lyrics