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Lil Baby – Need Mine Lyrics

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[Intro] Cut that shit up Quay [Chorus] I got activist see when I shoot that stick(that stick) It ain’t gon’ jam, I ain’t gon’ stop, it ain’t gon’ miss(ain’t gon’ miss) I told my PO no more slurpin’ then I quit(then I quit) Well I was lyin’ ’cause I had codeine in my piss I’m … Continue reading Lil Baby – Need Mine Lyrics

Belly – Re Up

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[Hook: Belly] You must have heard about the re-up Call me real, ain’t you know I be up? That’s the only time you ever free up I’m not tryna fuck the energy up She said, baby, please don’t get the wrong idea Roll the tree and fuck this Hennessey up I come down and start … Continue reading Belly – Re Up