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[Intro: Blacc Zacc] Yeah Yeah IMixNation for real Yeah Oh Lord, Jetson made another one [Chorus: Blacc Zacc & LightSkinKeisha] I need a nasty lil’ bitch (Lil’ bitch) Poking when she walk past me lil’ bitch (Poking), yeah (Yeah) I need a nasty lil’ bitch (Lil’ bitch) Smart mouth, real sassy lil’ bitch (Real sassy), … Continue reading Blacc Zacc – Sassy Lyrics (feat. LightSkinKeisha)

A1 – Always lyrics

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You’re always on my mind You’re always on my mind Hitmaka So you know now, you’re always on my I got Wi-Fi, got xans Got that gas and some green Girl invite your bitches we gon’ party all week Know you got a man Girl your secret’s safe with me All my niggas shooters so … Continue reading A1 – Always lyrics

[Verse 1] Titanium timepiece, dimepiece between the sheets with body heat Maserati’s not leased Cock the pump shottie, it make your body leak Not your main hottie, she kinda knock-kneed Mahogany woodgrain all in the five speed Silk lay on me, pray for me 8 million stories in the naked city The humidity it made … Continue reading Roc Marciano – Already (Rosebudd’s Revenge Album)

Me no conversate with the fake, that part All my bitches independent bitches, that part I just want the paper, that part All my bitches flavored That part, that part, that part, that part Ayy! That part Bang this shit in the hood one time Lil bitch I’m back and poppin’ Tell that ugly bitch … Continue reading Schoolboy Q – That Part (On Jimmy Kimmel) (Live) letras