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Lyrics Tee Grizzley – Beef I don’t sleep on no beef We ain’t sleeping on these niggas You know I’m on top of everything, nigga (Lurking) I come on your street We’re just creeping on these niggas (Yeah) f*ck talking, let that metal bang, nigga Murk ’em I don’t squash no beef We ain’t doing … Continue reading Beef – Tee Grizzley feat. Meek Mill lyrics

Famous Dex – Huh

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[Intro] Hey I’m- shit I can keep- I can keep goin’ over and over And over, you know what I’m saying? Like I don’t really care what Stop talking to me What’s up D? Dexter Ah-yeah, ah-why? [Verse 1] Diamonds go live like Periscope Fuck your lil bitch she a silly ho Put this dick … Continue reading Famous Dex – Huh