[Intro: Three 6 Mafia, Playboi Carti, & DJ Paul] Tear da club up Tear da club up Tear da club up Tear da club up Whatchu know man? It’s A$AP, nigga Tear da club up It’s A$AP nigga, stop all that goofy shit Tear da club up Tear da Club up Nigga, fuck yo squad … Continue reading ASAP Ferg – Mad Man (feat. Playboi Carti) (Still Striving Album)

Lyrics Asap Ferg – Mad man Whatchu know man it’s A$AP, nigga It’s ASAP nigga stop all that goofy s**t Nigga, f*ck yo squad nigga. Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy Spent 50k on the Rollie Just brought that s**t and my b*tch broke it She sayin’ she ain’t even notice But her pus*y wet like … Continue reading Mad man – Asap Ferg feat. Playboi Carti lyrics

Yeah, you must be throw’d You gon’ make them thangs come up out that load You ain’t built like that but you talk so cold Yeah, we know Hurts now, purps found cause a nigga squirt rounds Acting like ya wore a purse on turf grounds Like how his homies didn’t tell him to pull … Continue reading Tech N9ne – No Runnin To Ya Mama (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)