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Suffer from a little dehydration Feeling like I’m on a vacation Friends are calling into the station Looking for me All this talk about immigration Don’t really know what’s going on in the Nation Got a Wife and an oral fixation So Let me be Let me be me Let me be free For another week I need some sleep I wouldn’t say this … Continue reading Ryan Cassata – Extended Vacation Lyrics

Jay Park – DRIVE (Feat. GRAY)

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모든 일들이 잘 안 풀리고 있을 때 스트레스가 어깨에 가득 차 있을 때 너만 보면 맘이 너무나도 편해져 모든 고민 모든 걱정들이 싹 없어져 내 차에 올라타 바람 쐬러 가 밥 먹지 말고 와 전부 내가 해줄게 So Let’s go for a drive Oh yeah girl 내 몸이 힘들어 Oh yeah girl 내 맘도 힘들어 … Continue reading Jay Park – DRIVE (Feat. GRAY)