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Bag Talk

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Lyrics to ‘Bag Talk’ by Meek Mill: –Intro: Meek Mill– I can hear it in your voice you wasn’t never in this shit nigga We still at war –Verse 1: Meek Mill– Young niggas totin’ Glocks Sellin’ dope, poppin’ wheelies When the feds came through, they scooped the whole South Philly When the feds came … Continue reading Bag Talk

[Hook: Tdot Illdude] I be getting money fucking hoes Hundred bands on me everywhere I go Lot of things on me everywhere I go If you on the other side then you got to go Bruce Lee Roy I got the glow Diamonds dancing in my chain it come from Joe Hundred bands on me … Continue reading Meek Mill – Fa Sho (feat. T Dot) (Priorities 5 Album) letras