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In a move aimed at promoting domestic manufacturing, the government on Thursday decided to license the import of fully-built televisions sets by putting them on the “restricted” list. The move will make it difficult for shipments worth Rs 7,000 crore coming in from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries to enter India and initially benefit … Continue reading Govt licenses TV imports to support local production

Martha – Do Nothing Lyrics

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You called in sick for work Leaving some details unspoken And spent the day in bed ‘Cause your beating heart was broken Paracetamol and Countdown On mute on the TV Thinking, ‘Have I always been like this?’ The arithmetic repeats Mulling over your achievements Everything you haven’t done Chalking off another milestone Close the curtains, … Continue reading Martha – Do Nothing Lyrics

In people without religion In steeples crowded with pigeons In visions of evil Through the key hole out of the prison Without a decision, fishing, in a father that listens In a tower, around a collar, in Obama’s position For the power, dollars, division, and the honor it’s given In a martyr, in women, in … Continue reading Alltta – Holy Toast Lyrics (feat. 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

Skaters – The Loner Lyrics

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Feelin’ like I’ve got to leave Not sure where I’m supposed to be Stumble on down to another dive Have a drink for a live Well, I only wanna be there Isolation Isolation Isolation Isolation 3:15 it’s got to be Passing out continuously One more place where I’ve got to try Will you give it … Continue reading Skaters – The Loner Lyrics

[Verse 1: Zahriyan] İçimde varsın dilimle sek duvarsın dilim için duamsın Sözümde bedduamsın son kanın damlasın Mezopotamya’da çicekler aksın Bahar hiç ağlamasın (sobe) Dilimde damlayıp kapandı karla kirli nağralar Kapandı şimdi ağrılar masallarım ve martılar Yıkıp biçen, ezip geçen, bu lehçem anlatır Gözümde canlanır kilisten İstanbul ah Türkiye Elimde değnek olsa gücümde varsa Siyah beyaz … Continue reading Sansar Salvo – Politik Analiz Lyrics (feat. Zahriyan)

Dr. Yen Lo – Day 70 Lyrics

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[Sample] Something very important has come up, there is something you have to do [Hook: Ka] Shine son, your time has come Respect due, select few tuning in [Verse 1: Ka] I write with passion (Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back) I write with passion, I’m on my prior doubt Finished steps … Continue reading Dr. Yen Lo – Day 70 Lyrics