Yung Christ |

Play this song [Intro] Waitin’ for Nick to take my motherfuckin’ vocals down Learn to respect a God damn king! If you are too⁠— Ha, ha, ha, ooh-ooh [Verse 1: Yung Christ & Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard] Leave ’em all burning, triple six degrees (Yeah, yeah) Heard they started hating, wanna murder thee (Murder thee) Yung Christ turned … Continue reading $UICIDEBOY$ – All Dogs Go to Heaven Lyrics

[VERSE I: Lord of Loneliness] It’s lonely at the top All of my enemies have been defeated The crown has been sitting on my head for too long It’s starting to give me these legions Don’t follow the crowd The crowd is misleading Stay solo Surrounded by all of my demons Licking my wounds as they deepen Constantly feeding them all of my secrets … Continue reading $uicideboy$ – That Just Isn’t Empirically Possible Lyrics