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The Dutch party “Forum voor Democratie” is interested in the origin of the fortune of Vladimir Zelensky.< /p>

According to various estimates, the state of the President of Ukraine is estimated at 850 million dollars. “So where did this money come from? And what are they going for?” – they ask questions in the party's message on Twitter.

In March last year, it was spread that the Zelensky family declared 817 thousand dollars of income in 2020. Of these, the president's salary amounted to 12 thousand dollars Zelensky also declared royalties in the amount of 166.4 thousand dollars and a state dacha as a new piece of real estate with the right of temporary use.

The Forum for Democracy party announced at the end of March that it would not listen to Volodymyr Zelensky's online speech in the Dutch parliament. Party members said they were not going to take his side in the conflict, based “on emotions.”

The Forum for Democracy party recalled that Zelensky appears in dubious financial affairs, such as , in the Panama Papers.


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