Kraken — this is a sea monster of gigantic size, which is often mentioned in books, films and various games.

What is the meaning of the word “kraken”?

According to the Dictionary of foreign words included in  ;composition of the Russian language edited by Chudinov, kraken — this is a fabulous sea monster, as if living in the depths of the northern seas, near Norway.

In English, the word kraken is borrowed from Scandinavian languages. In Norwegian and Swedish, kraken is a form of krake, which refers to something abnormal. In German, krake — this is an octopus and the mythical kraken.

Where did the legend about the kraken come from?

The first mention of the kraken is found in the essay "History of Northern Peoples" 1555 by Swedish historian and geographer Olaus Magnus. He described the monster as a giant fish with huge eyes, large bright red pupils and horns that resemble the roots of a tree uprooted from the ground. Allegedly, it was the horns that allowed the monster to drag even a huge ship to the bottom.

Further, Danish, French and other experts described the kraken. His description varied. For example, the size of the kraken was compared to a floating island, and its immersion on the seabed allegedly led to a strong whirlpool, which led to flooding of ships.

As scientists explain the legend of the kraken?

Some experts believe that the sailors' words about the kraken can be explained by underwater volcanic activity off the coast of Iceland, which manifests itself in bubbles rising from the water, a sudden change in currents, the appearance and disappearance of new islands.

However, in  In 1857, experts managed to prove the existence of a giant squid (Architeuthis dux), which could become the prototype of the kraken. The length of such squids, excluding trapping tentacles, is about five meters. In 2004, researchers from the National Science Museum of Japan and the Whale Watching Association took the first pictures of live giant squid in their natural environment, and in 2006, they managed to capture the giant on video. Giant squids are indeed capable of capsizing a small light boat, but experts consider stories of sunken ships mythical.



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