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Employment centers are already being modernized in 73 regions of the country. Thanks to the national project “Demography” they turn into a modern comfortable multifunctional space, where each job seeker and employer will have an individual approach.

In Lipetsk, the new employment center is located in the same building as the MFC in the city center, on Pobedy Square, which is convenient for residents from any district. And the neighborhood with the center “My Documents” allows you to quickly arrange all the necessary public services. In the premises of the center, waiting and reception areas, a sector for working with employers were allocated, the technical base and digital services were updated. This center specializes in the employment of employees of companies that have suspended their activities after the imposition of sanctions. The center's HR consultants will work proactively with companies – working out a variety of scenarios for the development of situations in the labor market, which will help to avoid an increase in unemployment. Regular interviews with employers are planned in the renovated center. There are already agreements with large enterprises and organizations of the region. There is a new interaction format – “Open selection”, where company representatives will be able to assess the skills, knowledge and personal competencies of candidates, and applicants will learn about the specifics of the vacancy and will be able to ask any question to a potential employer. The Lipetsk Center is the fifth state recruitment agency of a new format in the region. Previously cents were opened in the Lipetsk and Yelets districts, in the village of Krasnoe and in Yelets. And in the fall, another one will open – in Gryazi.

In the Personnel Center «Work of Russia» in Bryansk, trainings are held with a professional psychologist. Recently, the psychologist of this centerGalina Sergeevaconducted the training “Art-Prevention of Stress”. The participants of the event were pleased with the meeting with the psychologist. “It’s always interesting to know the psychologist’s explanation of the questions that you yourself are trying to solve,” – Elena Poda, a participant in the training, shared her impressions.

The renovated Smolensk Employment Center began work in the winter of 2022, and in anticipation of the changes in 2021, part of the employees underwent advanced training under the program “Consultant for working with organizations (HR consultant)” ;. HR consultant Tatyana Vodneva also retrained. She says: “I help citizens with disabilities find a job, sometimes the meaning of life, and the employer, with my help, finds the necessary employee. I can set goals, making a plan for the next few weeks. This allows me to competently organize my working time».

In 2022, more than 6 thousand specialists of employment centers throughout Russia will be trained, and by the end of 2024 – 22 thousand people.

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